Greetings beer lovers,
So, with a saddened heart we all say farewell to Tyler and best of luck at Smuttynose. I know I’ll miss Tyler and all he brought to P-Brew but he’ll only be a stones throw away over at Smuttynose and hopefully won’t be a total stranger. We are in the process of interviewing candidates to step up to the task of assistant brewer along with Brian Routhier. Brian, BTW, has been on board for about 3 months and is doing a stand up job filling kegs and bottling that beer, transferring beer, cleaning tanks, harvesting yeast as well as brewing beer. That is about all we do here. BUT THAT IS PLENTY TO DO!! The new assistant will be responsible for all of the above as well and also being an integral part of the Portsmouth Brewery community. We are excited to bring someone into the system that has a new perspective on all that is The Portsmouth Brewery.
Enough of the sadness…… we are running some great early winter beers which include the Winter Rye and Winterweizen both excellent examples of warming winter beers. If you have not had the pleasure of having a wee bit of the Scotch ale you ought to get in here soon as there is not much left. However, there is an even bigger beer to follow. This years Wheat Wine which has that crazy toffee-like character as well as the dry hops( this was new for this year…. 10 pounds of leaf Cascade into the conditioning tank. Yum!) KtG is starting to condition and we just put in the Imperial Porter. Lots of black beers. In addition to those dark beers is the 5 C’s Pale Ale. Just a little bit smaller than the IPA version at 5.5% abv. but all the same hops and great flavors. Can’t wait. The end of this week brings a collaboration with Mitch Steele of Stone Brewing Co. Dave Yarrington, Executive brewer at Smuttynose, Mitch and I will be brewing an old school IPA using Cluster and Bullion as well as Tomahawk in a beer we’ll be calling Clusters Last Stand. It is an IPA and won’t be out ’til later in Jan. but should be a great one. I gotta get back to work so we can ready the brewery for all of the aforementioned work. Hope you are enjoying the Holidays and be sure to stop in for one of our tasty winter beers. Cheers! Tod M