Hey all,

I just got back from DC!  The Craft Brewers Conference was in our nations capitol this year.  What a great time was had by all.  We learned about Brewing techniques with Botanicals, The history to the IPA, New German hops that are growing right now, Different dry hopping techniques to mention a few of the seminares we made it to.  All the while we had the the Grizzly dryhoppng back at P-brew.  Since Tyler Silvde (T2 as some of you know him) was holding down the fort and crushing it while we were gone.  He got to slide the Grizzly to a serving tank just in time for you guys to get to try it before I could!

The stats on the Grizzly Imp. Pale is 7.8% abv with only 30 IBU’s.  A very large percentage of the bitterness came from late hop additions giving it a smooth bitterness and tons of hop flavor.  We used every “mountain” hop variety we had in our cooler.  A mountain hop is, Cascade, Summit, Glacier to name a few.  Then the beer was dryhopped with the same blend of Cascade, Summit and Glacier to peak” the hop aromatic.  It was in our fermenters under the working title Vertex Pale ale, but then the Movie Jeremiah Johnson popped into our head.  Now he was a Mountain Man!  But I am sure if we called it Jeremiah Mountian Imp. Pale ale it wouldn’t have sounded as cool.  So we met half way and went with the Grizzly Imp. Pale Ale.

hope you enjoy!