Greetings beer lovers,
 Fast as the Bluebeery came….. so fast it goes!! I hope you had a chance to try this years Bluebeery beer cause it has already made it thru the system….. but don’t worry there will be another batch during blueberry season towards the end of August.  We also moved the Wit thru the system the other day and have replaced it with our first batch of Berliner Weisse. This batch of Berliner Weisse was the brain child of Tyler who decided it would be a great way to party gyle the extra runnings of the Wheat Wine extract. And so Tyler made a sour mash and left the mash in the mash tun over the weekend and turned the remaining extract into a low gravity sour beer…… Berliner Weisse, a sour low alcohol wheat beer. Weird you say?? Actually this refreshing wheat beer has an extraordinary aromatic of fruit and cream and has a flavor profile of a Lambic style Belgian sour beer. Try it straight for a tart refreshing thirst quencher or add some Chambord for a truly fruity sweeter taste treat. Dean Warden, one of our star mixologists, will be making a raspberry syrup and perhaps a traditional woodruff syrup to add to the experience. As far as the replacement for the Bluebeery beer we have a batch of Gose, another wheat beer, (theme here?) made in the Leipzig style with a touch of sour, some sea salt and a wee bit of coriander for authenticity. Another really refreshing wheat beer for the hotter days of summer. Lastly we are trying a log of Mayflower IPA for our Sunday 11th beer line up. We have always liked the beers coming from Mayflower and I am psyched to try their IPA. So, come on by for a cold crisp beer during this hot spell. Cheers! Todm