Hey all,
The 5 C’s has kicked and been replaced with the Bottle Rocket IPA. Mmmmm good old stand by, glad to see her back! The cask has changed over to Kolsch with licorice root, and no it doesn’t taste like Sambuca. The licorice root gives it a woody and spicy character to the beer.
And to clarify a bit on my last post on the Kolsch bier (correct spelling this time!!! JA!) Is a fall beer for us, since we send it to GABF (in Category 40 German-Style Kolsch). But if you go to Cologne, Kolsch is brewed year round and is so freaking crisp and tasty you’d probably wanna move to Köln ( in German of course) foreva!! PS Thank you Tod for your input!

On the brewers table added to the blog, I know that there is the menu on the website, but it hasn’t been updated in a while. I will get on that and light a fire under someone’s butt.

That’s it for now