Hey all,

So everyone probably knows the story of how IPA came into existence. The British were stationed in India and there low abv, low hop, beers were spoiling on the sea journey from England, around the tip of Africa and then to India. So the Brewers decided to up the hopping and up the abv, both preservative qualities in a beer, and low and behold the beer made the journey. So that got me thinking…it would take at least 3 months to sail from form England to India… So what would a 3 month old IPA cask taste like.

So the last batch of Bottle Rocket IPA (brewed in August) I racked off a Cask of Bottle Rocket IPA, dryhopped it with Summit and let it hang out at cellar temperatures…until today. If you come down the the Jimmy Lapanza Lounge tonight you can see what the sailors were drinking so many years ago. It held up amazingly, still lots of hop aromatic, but the bitterness is subdued just enough.

Makes me want to do this again! Let me know what you think.