Hey all,

First off i want to thank everyone who made it out for Kate Day. It was just as crazy, if not more so, then last year. I hope that everyone had a good time even if you were not one of the few that got a bottle this year.

With all the people through here for the weekend leading up to Monday and the flood of people here on Kate Day you would be correct in thinking that there had to be some changes to the tap line up.

The Sierra was taken off for Kate on Monday that lasted until about 5:30pm on draft. So I cleaned the beer line this morning and put on our Belgian Triple. The conditioning time we gave this beer really helped the alcohol burn mellow, letting all the Belgian fruit flavors really come through.

The Milk Stout kicked yesterday and was replaced by our Oatmeal Stout. Along with the draft line the cask changed over to the Oatmeal Stout as well. Oatmeal stout on cask is my favorite way to enjoy this brew.

Hope you are all recovering nicely.