Hey All,

I am getting all my transfers and cleaning done early today so I can head down to Somerville to the New England Real Ale Expo (NERAX). We sent down a firkin of our American Mild dry hopped with Sorachi Ace. It is a great festival where you can try a lot of different styles of beer on cask. Beer is sent from all over New England as well as shipped across the pond from England. All the people working the event are true cellerman and treat the casks like they do in the old country. The tap them and fine them (adding fining agents to help with the flocculation of the yeast) ahead of time making the beers beautifully bright. the beers are served either from a beer engine or just a gravity fed tap. If you have a time you should try to get tickets. They might be sold out, but try anyway.

Now about the Oatmeal stout that went on yesterday. We used flaked and malted oats in this batch and the beer turned out wonderful. I feel like the malted oats added almost a caramel note to the stout that I don’t remember from the last batch we made. Served off our Nitro tap giving the beer a big fluffy white head and making the beer very easy drinking with out being to mouth coating. Great dessert beer, and yes I drink beer for dessert!