Hey all,

With the fun Firkin going on for Firkin Friday I almost forgot about new beer Friday.  Today we are rolling out the 2013 Portsmouth Brewery home brew winner, Kate Rogers, beer… Cherrywood Smoked Porter.

We tweaked the beer slightly, since it was being release in the fall vs summer, by upping the ABV to 7% as well and increasing the body slightly.  But this beer wont disappoint.  It has some nice sweet smoke flavor that its almost immediately followed by some malt and Caco nib sweetness.  But as a good Porter should, this beer finishes quite clean, tempting you for another sip.

I couldn’t have picked a better day to release the beer because today weekly special form the kitchen is Smoked Baby Back Ribs.  Talk about a food and beer pairing made in heaven…I know what i am getting for lunch!