Hello all,

My goodness, you guys are drinking some beer this summer! We are going though Old Brown Dog here faster then we have ever, the IPA is being sucked out of the tanks so fast, and every one has discovered the glory of a cask conditioned beer. Here is the rundown.

Bottle Rocket IPA kicked yesterday afternoon with the back-up just finishing primary fermentation. So to keep you hop heads from burning down our house we decided to put on our Imperial IPA to tide you over. This beer has hops stuffed and jammed into it in ever step along the brewing process. Mash hopping, over the sparge, on first runnings, 8 kettle additions, hop back and Fermenter. So if you cant find the hops while drinking this beer get your tongue checked, and at 9% abv you need to be gentle with this one.

Our OBD flew and production wise of getting the Red, White and Blue ready for the 4th made it so we couldn’t fit in our OBD. So we have Smuttynose’s OBD as a replacement. The two beers are very close in all aspects. I find a slightly more roast character coming from Smutty’s but hey you tell me what you think.

The Oatmeal stout was a big hit as well. We are going to put back on our Hefewiezen as a filler which means that there is not a stout on the menu. But if you are looking for that dark roasty-ness you should try the Smuttynose Robust Porter that replaced the Bigfoot. One of there finest beers if you ask me.

That’s all for now!