Greetings beer lovers. What a glorious Sunday morning! We have been swamped with rain for too long and how sweet it is to see the sun. I was in the brewery’s cellar/basement all day yesterday and didn’t have the time to enjoy the sun…. but today I will be in the sun most of the day gardening, paddling and perhaps taking a ride on the old bike. But enough about me. Get out and enjoy the day! And be sure to head over to the brewery for a few new items.
Here’s what’s up at the brewery. We have just seen the end of the 7 barrels of Wheat Wine, sad face, but behold there are some kegs stashed to age for a little longer while we bring out the long anticipated Imperial IPA, happy face! If you didn’t get to sample the most recent version of the Wheat Wine when it comes back do not hesitate to sip on a glass as it was spectacular in it’s toffee-like flavor and big bold maltiness caressed by the hops. And while I am speaking of hops the Impy IPA is tasting just like the hopbomb it is. At 100 IBUS ( international bittering units… the measure of a beer’s bitterness content) this beer could be very bitter but it is well balanced by the abundance of malt used in making the extract. This batch of Imp. IPA was on it’s dry hops (Simcoe, Nugget, Warrior and Amarillo ) for close to a month and boy does it taste good. But I’l let you be the judge of that. We are still gearing up for summer and we have put on Weizenheimer and have back ups of Weizenheimer as well as some Hefeweizen and a Belgian Wit…. how about that for a few wheat beers? We will be brewing on of my favorite pale ales next Tuesday Wild Thang which is brewed with wild rice and Sterling hops. This one has the most unique flavor profiles as there are fruity esters created by the combination of the wild rice and the Sterling. It is this unique combination that gives the beer a cherrypit-like flavor profile that I cannot explain as there are no cherries involved in the production of the beer. In any event the beer will be ready at the end of June. Be on th lookout for Wild Thang.
Well, there is a little tease to entice you back into the brewery. Hope to see you soon, Cheers! Todm