Hey all,

So this weekend was a perfect weekend to be out and about.  And by the amount of beer changes that happened this weekend, it looks like a lot of you came on in to the Portsmouth Brewery.

The O’fest, Project X and Pumpkin all kicked this weekend and were replaced with Saison d’Automne, pHunkin and Smuttynose’s Homunculus respectivly.

The Saison d’Autome is a Saison that we brewed with 100# of butternut squash.  We were sick of Pumpkin getting all the praise in the fall for the only beer you can make with a gourd.  This Saison has really nice body to it from the use of the squash, and a very nice spicy note from the yeast strain used.

The pHunkin is a new beer for us.  It is a American sour Pumpkin Ale.  I promiuse you that it is unlike any pumpkin ale you have had before.  The sour kettle technique gave a very nice fruity tartness up front that mellows as you drink it to a earthy body to the beer.  If you are into sour beers, give this one a try.

Suttynose’s Homunculus is a newer big beer from them.  It is a hoppy Belgian pale/ipa and you can read all about it here.  Make sure to share it with your gnomies!