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Portsmouth Brewery
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Food as Good as Our Beer

We prepare all of our soups, sauces, dressings & desserts in-house.

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What's On Tap

As of 5/1/15

At the Brewery, we proudly serve a wide range of the finest handcrafted beers made right here, to suit any palate.

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Guest Beers

What's Up Next?

Check out what’s on cask and what’s in the works.

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The Premises

Meet the Brewer

Hop Harvest!!

Hi beer friends! The transition into fall brings us many exciting things to brew with through the harvest season. Pumpkin beers are quietly fermenting away in our cellar right now.

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Brewer's Notes

Tour The Brewery

Get up Close and See How We Brew

Tours of the Portsmouth Brewery are offered on Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm.

Reservations are not necessary, but space is limited, so stop on in and sign-up in person.

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The Jimmy Lapanza Lounge

The Portsmouth Brewery Store

Portsmouth Brewery Logo Caps

Low-profile, cotton twill caps with our embroidered logo. An excellent choice for nudists and people who wear hats!
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Portsmouth Brewery 20th Anniversary Dickies Workshirt

The genuine article: a tough-as-nails Dickies workshirt, embroidered with our 20th Anniversary logo.
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Portsmouth Brewery 20th Anniversary Shaker Glass

A real lady or gentleman always selects the proper glassware for a beverage. When in doubt, choose a classic.
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Portsmouth Brewery Balloon Glass

Nothing says sophisticated better than serving a fancy beer in a fancy glass.
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