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Hop Harvest!!

Brewery News

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Hop Harvest!!

October 13, 2014

Hi beer friends! The transition into fall brings us many exciting things to brew with through the harvest season. Pumpkin beers are quietly fermenting away in our cellar right now.

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Brewery News

Kate is on the loose!

May 13, 2014

In honor of American Craft Beer week, Today, until it’s gone, we will be serving a rare delight…
2011 KATE THE GREAT!!!!!!!!
Come get it before it’s gone.

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Brewery News

Chef & Brewer Team Battle

May 6, 2014

Can our chefs chef?  YES, THEY CAN!  Can our chefs brew? Find out for yourself on Wednesday, May 14, from 6pm-8pm, at the Portsmouth Brewery’s next beer social:

Collaboration and Comp…

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